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The three forms were the hieroglyphic, hieratic and demotic. The hieroglyphic writing -of Hieros, sacred, and glyph, record (hieroglyphic: (lyrics) sacred recorded) – is from the late pre dynastic era throughout the dynastic period and Greek and was used in temples and monuments, rarely papyrus. Almost as old as this is the hieratic writing, italics and abbreviated form of the hieroglyphic and spread from the Middle Kingdom. It is the script used on papyrus (papyrus plant name whose stems membranes were obtained for writing).) At the beginning of the Late Period, about 650 BC It was replaced by a shorter form, the demotic script (popular).


Writing hieroglyphic, for many ones of the most beautiful, was deciphered in stone Rosetta found in the town of that name, current Rashid, in the region of the Nile delta. This is the same text engraved in hieroglyphs, Demotic and Greek. It is a fragment of a decree of 196 B.C. time of Ptolemy V. The hieroglyphic writing was deciphered by Jean-Francois Champollion, a man of genius, who died at age 42 in 1832. The main problem was resolved Champollion in 1822 which is a mixed writing, good Alphabetic part: it includes phonograms, which represent letters or syllables and logograms, which represent words. Some signs may represent a word or syllable, or word or letter. Often in the spelling of a word syllabic and alphabetic signs are combined. Vowels graphical representation commonly lacking, so that today the words are read using a conventional voice. The hieroglyphic writing consists of about 6000 signs but commonly used in each period are less than 1000. The hieroglyphs are commonly written from right to left, but can be written in the opposite direction or columns placed right to left or vice versa.

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