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No matter how long ago you left school - whether it was 10, 20 or even 30 years ago – you can always achieve your study goals.

First of all, be confident
You should be feeling confident right now - because the very fact you're reading this shows you're motivated. You're committed to your personal development and you're in the mood to succeed. So you're already well on the way to achieving your goal.

Be kind to yourself!
When starting on a home study course, many of us have a tendency to be very hard on ourselves. In our eagerness to succeed we're tempted to drive ourselves beyond reasonable limits. This only means we become impatient with ourselves when we don't grasp everything straight away. If we set ourselves unrealistic study targets it's easy to grow discouraged if we don't meet them.

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That's why we say be kind to yourself. Relax. And remember that one of the great things about learning from home is that you can go at your own pace. There's no pressure to move on to the next study unit in your course until you feel ready. And you're not alone. Your Personal Tutor is usually always available by phone or email to offer you expert advice and support.

What’s more, most courses today are designed to be effective, but they're also designed to be enjoyed.

To be a successful student - and a stress-free student, too.