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Using refworks endnote whatever program you think is is user friendly for you to keep all of your references at least the citations in one place okay now refworks you can find on the library website it is a service so you can you sign up for the service and now EndNote you can get that from software Tammuz edu from the you know just forever you get the other software it's free okay that actually a lot of the science folks use that one because it has so many journal formats it can spit out but basically on both you can keep your PDFs electronically attached to your references as well so if you don't want to print them out and put binders together you can put them in the programs too. Work on your references with robotdon.com.

So Tara works with Firefox it's all a really good way of keeping up with your references it doesn't matter what you do just do something do something that works for you because if you get to the end of your thesis and you have to I mean nobody types anymore you'll I'm just saying right so if you get to the end and you have to do all that work it should be a matter of just saying okay all my references are here this is my thesis this is my dissertation or this is my seminar paper is my journal article I want it in APA 6th edition oh no I want APA fifth edition' oh no I know and on in MLA then you just press the button and pick what format you want it in okay version your drafts okay especially if you're talking about academic integrity I always version my drafts and I always keep each version that way I can actually if there's anything any question about my work.

I can show exactly where I started and where I came from so I version every piece of my work and I keep it in a safe place okay also you may want to go back oh really I don't like version four I really want version two if you print me references organizing and binders or boxes I am a paper person so I have big binders and I have them alphabetically coordinated for all my dissertation articles and I like those I keep those as I bright articles from that so how do you respond to others how do you use those sources let's get into some of the practical details quoting is using the exact word from the source and I mean use the exact word from the source okay you absolutely have to have the the quotation marks around it now sometimes with methods that tends to be a little bit difficult so you need to really understand the discipline your field okay so for example in and Agri salon crap Sciences there is a real possibility that you're doing a method that somebody else is done there really there's really only one way of saying that you know what I mean but if you are but a lot for a lot of us in the social sciences and humanities you know I mean quoting.