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There is this million zillion questions you can ask either others spit spit ballin fraud questions questioning the Texas algorithms what seems to be the purpose of the text even if it is expressed in specific ah very good excellent others so encouraging students to react sent at first reading because of course what they look at what is a tendency and what I've done of course when we've all done is read everything hi Marie secondary know ordering is just chaos Minh and then and then the day before it's do we start writing so I think encouraging this sort of systematic ways as possible what's a secondary primary source so what I need so a secondary primary source works by the author of your primary primary source that are that are not going to be the focus of your research. Learn what are the primary sources and how to find them at Edusson.

And I'm suggesting reading for fun reading as if you're reading for fun not taking too many notes but encouraging encouraging students to to read without thinking too much about analyzing these these sources and I think it could be beneficial for allowing students to gain erudition in in the field without having too much pressure to synthesize everything if this were us we would take notes and be very diligent in our reading of the secondary primary sources but we're not freshmen but I think it is important too if you're reading to be go down yeah so if let's say you're going to write a paper on let's see you're going to write a paper on a novel consider going to write a paper on lesson No I feel like maybe you could open it up to the students to say you know their secondary primary sources is it's their choice of what they want that to be right so that they can have some control and because and then it actually might be fun right that there's got to be everything right and just say you know think about things that you might that might be relevant because I'm thinking about you know the context of the primary primary and they yeah.

They might actually find something that they're just reading out of a pure interest right which is really hard I don't know about you but graduate school it was like all of a sudden I wasn't reading for fun anymore became mature and if anyone has enough and then of course I would encourage free writing again we run again at the stage scooters ought to go back to the original questions and addressing it in light of new information new wonder new types of questions of may emerge of course how are they different but looking equality's of the primary primary source what makes it stand out that's the primary primary source see the underline in the secondary primary sources the other way around is a maybe a higher level question what are some other questions that can emerge after you after a student has completed both of these reading assignments.