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In Egypt, he was worshiped as the god of medicine Imhotep figure equivalent to that of Aesculapius in Greece. It is known that was vizier of King Djoser of the Third Dynasty; He was a talented man, astrologer, magician, physician and architect of the Step Pyramid of Sakkara.

The word of the priest certainly could have a beneficial effect on the patient. Of course, it was a very religious and sensitive to suggestion patient. The priest gave peace and confidence to the sick and so the patient could be placed in the best mood to launch the resilience of his body. We would say that it was a psychotherapy. Naturally, this action was hardly possible in wounds, trauma, and tumors.

The inherent quality priest was neatness, which is then transmitted, doctors. So, from the beginning, Egyptian doctors were neat and well-presented people.

In this area of medicine is held that each body part according to 36- some distinguished was a god and was ruled by a god. Thus, it invoked the part corresponding to the sick god. As the gods were identified with parts of the universe, planets, rivers, and mountains, the man became a microcosm idea which will Democritus but not via mythological naturalist. Thus a mythological and astrological medicine anatomy were also developed. Our nomenclature has traces of this anatomy: the Atlas vertebra, the Mount of Venus, el Laber into the cliff.


Among the means used in the magical-religious Egyptian medicine is the magical power of course in the use of numerous substances of animal, vegetable and mineral origin. It was regarded as the most disgusting eating feces, and so were used to ward off evil spirits threatening to give droppings.


Probably most of the materials used, which could have some beneficial effect was rather the words of the priest to administer the substance and not the substance itself. However, it certainly had substances with pharmacological effect. The action of castor oil given orally, either empirically or believing in magic will always be purgative. Then came the day when drugs without the belief in magic were administered, and that was the time when the magician-priest and physician separated.