How Can You Spot A Fake Online Bachelor Degree?

Along with the growing popularity of obtaining online Bachelor degrees, many bogus schools have cropped up to cash in, taking advantage of potential students seeking a genuine education to maintain their current level of employment or achieve specific career goals. Unfortunately, the sales pitch attracts many students who do not Read More

History of Medicine

A dynastic period spanning the past 3,000 years BC, in which 30 dynasties reigned sovereign. In this long period occur: the Thinita Empire (I-II dynasties until 2650), the Old Kingdom (III-VIII dynasties to about 2200 BC), the First Intermediate Period (IX-X dynasties until around 2000) The Middle Kingdom (XI-XII dynasties Read More

TVET and Human Capacity Development

The significance of TVET in making a difference in the quality of a country’s workforce is increasingly being realized in countries globally. In the Caribbean, specifically Jamaica, for example, the hotel industry which has been characterized as world class, is benefitting from a workforce that is trained largely by HEART Read More